NAMA’s Reveal Cutting Edge Iconic New Trophy – 2016

As the NAMA embarks on the road to its 6th edition set for May 2016, the NAMA Executive Committee is thrilled and proud to announce a brand new trophy, designed to match and reflect both the world-class platform that the NAMA’s has become and the stellar achievements and growth of Namibian artists, musicians and producers. Recipients of the trophy in the next edition NAMA2016, will all walk away with this spectacular new trophy.
The new NAMA trophy design drew from the graphic nature of the logo and creates a line drawing in space. The various elements that make up the trophy are layered and we used a combination of different surface finishes such as anodized and powder-coated aluminum to highlight these layers. The lines projecting from the diamond and connecting it to the base references, refracted light off the facets of a diamond while the interplay between positive and negative space allude to both the creativity, hard work and effort that goes into the music industry. The angular nature of the logo is emphasized and is carried through the design; it becomes an architectural foundation for the diamond to shine.
The concept of the trophy and creative evolution stems from the foot piece, representative of a glossy extruded rendition brought to live in a 3D space from the NAMA logo representing the foundation of the Awards and the platform for the best of music in Namibia, its artists, musicians and producers. From this foot piece the stage is set from where Namibian music and talent are showcased to the world and explode their music from there onto the national and international space to audiences as far reaching as their music. This is represented by the diamond piece from the trophy that elevates into space, stemming from the NAMA foot piece reflective of a diamond representing the artist and their music taking off into the world comparative to a shooting star taking off into orbit, with the NAMA platform as the catalyst and springboard to their exposure, accolades and success.
NAMA 2016 is set to yet again elevate and showcase the best of Namibian music, artists and producers to new world class heights and the tone is set for yet again the biggest night and weekend in Namibian music entertainment come May 2016.
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