As the much anticipated 2013 NAMA’s are drawing closer, the organizers have kept their promise of making the identities of the Judges known to the public. Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer of MTC and Spokesperson of the NAMA’s, Tim Ekandjo reiterated the NAMA’s principles of transparency and this is the reason why the Judges are publicly announced. Should any of the artists have any objection relating to potential conflict of interest of any of the Judges they should direct their objection to  no later than 3 days after the announcement of the Judges.  According to Ekandjo, the organizers have ensured that fresh faces sit on the panel of Judges so that no particular Judge gets too comfortable. Ekandjo said the Judges were selected based on their maturity and musical knowledge and once no objections are received these Judges will automatically be confirmed to continue with their duties unhindered and without any external influence

1.     Otilia Mungoba

Otilia Mungoba has a great passion for the arts from visual to the performing arts. She has worked in the broadcasting sector for the past 10 years as a producer for entertainment to actuality programming. In 2008 she expanded her portfolio to advertising and marketing as a creative director and writer. 

2.     Dr Kagiso Moloi: 

Dr Moloi is a host of a jazz programme called Jazz Matazz with KG on NBC National Radio on Sundays and  an ardent photographer. He was a judge during the selection of artists for the debut Windhoek Jazz Festival 2012. He is presently a judge for the 2013 Windhoek Larger Ambassador Programme.

3.     Ngidipo Nangolo

Nghidipo Nangolo has been involved with music before and after independence. He’s also one of the first post-independence music promoters. He has done various short courses in music production and sound engineering in the last two decades. He is currently producer and band manager of the popular Old Location Township Jazz outfit, Original Jazz Masters. Nangolo is the founder of the Namibian Music Union, NAMIU, and currently works as Editor-in-Chief of the Informanté community newspaper.

4.     Mario Locke:

Started his Radio career at 99fm in the early 90’s. Officially launched Radio Energy, now known as Energy 100.  Has served as a judge on many panels such as music and beauty competitions.  Is currently an Executive Producer at the NBC.  Producing and presenting the very popular morning show on National Radio, THE CUPPA JAVA SHOW, and other music programmes

5.     Joel Haikali

Joel J.K. Haikali is a Namibian Writer/Actor/Director and Scholar. Joel has directed many music and promotional videos. He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Media Studies as well as a Diploma in Television Production. His latest film TRY won Best director, Best original Screenplay, Best film, Best Cinematography and best Production design at the Namibian Namibia Film awards 2012.

6.     Corrie Du Plessis:

Corrie is currently employed as Public Relations Manager of 99FM.   His career in the entertainment industry started 7 years ago as a presenter at former Katutura Community Radio, now known as Base FM. He is an individual who appreciates quality music and is a very extremely” fashionistic”, He gained vast experience in the entertainment industry, serving as an executive member and spokesperson on the Annual Windhoek Jazz Festival committee.

7.     Wojtek Majweski:

Wojtek Majewski, Co- owner of Audio Art Recordings, Namibias award winning recording studio. He worked for the major TV and Film companies as a sound engineer and mixer: for BBC, Nat. Geographic, CNN, ITV, ZDF, ARD.  Holds a diploma in Music and Music Technology from the University of Cologne, Germany

8.     Sandra Williams:

Sandra Williams is an experienced all-rounder with more than 20 years’ experience in the broadcasting, communications and media advocacy sectors. She established herself as a well-known local personality as TV News anchor and other top quality radio and TV programmes, corporate communications expert, and media advocacy for MISA and the community radio industry amongst others. Most recently is her stint as Station Manager of popular local radio Base FM, formely KCR, which was successfully re-branded under her leadership. Currently she is using her skills in a number of projects and is co-owner of a communications and advocacy company.

9.     Axali Doeseb

He is the composer of the Namibian National Anthem, a composer, full orchester and choir conductor, band master, music teacher and arts consultant.

10.  Peter Hoa Khaob

Tosh is a music graduate from the University of Kwazulu Natal who specialized in electro acoustic music. He worked as a sound operator at NBC and music producer. He is currently a lecturer at the College of the Arts where he teaches both jazz and classical piano

11.  Natanael Ipinge

Natanael is a musician and drummer and was a lecturer at the CCAC

The Steering Committee which is responsible for the Vetting process will now be comprised of representatives from the different music labels, Ekandjo said the organizers invited all music labels to nominate from their respective camps but some failed to do so or have showed no interest. The Steering Committee members are as follows;

John Max Eino: (NASCAM), Knowledge Iipinge  (Mshasho Records), Maria Immanuel (Rocka’s Investments), Josef Gabriel (Ndilimani), George Simaata (Supreme Records & New Makes Media Group), Abel Kandjii (Upambians), Gebhardt Makono (Ongoronomundu), Arrafat, Tafanj (Radio Energy), Dennis Eiseb, DJ Cheeze (061 Music), Naomi Nekwaya (Izinyoka), Kelly Antonio (Dealdone Records), Solani Glo Zulu (Omalaeti) and Alex (Yaziza Entertainment)


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